What we do

As our business has transformed, our strategy has evolved.

Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives reflect the shape of our business and our priorities for the future.

Client and customer centricity. Our primary focus is delivering for our clients and customers – this means working to understand and meet their needs while building lasting partnerships.
Helping our people be more productive, simplifying our ways of working and managing our costs effectively enables us to invest for growth.
Innovating for the future. Investing in leading edge capabilities helps us attract clients and customers, enhance relationships and develop smarter ways of working.
Valuing our savings ecosystem. Optimising the breadth and depth of our investment management, platform and advice ecosystem, along with our geographical reach enables us to meet the savings needs of clients and customers around the world.

Our business

We are a combination of three component parts – all of which help us to invest for a better future.

Aberdeen Standard Investments is our asset management brand. We combine the brand’s global reach with knowledge of local markets, to help bring us closer to our clients and customers.

Our clients are institutional clients who come to us directly, and wholesale clients such as private banks and third-party investment platforms.

Our investment capabilities cover a diverse range of asset classes. We are committed to active asset management – with a focus on helping our clients and customers achieve good investment outcomes. Our wealth business, Aberdeen Standard Capital, provides discretionary investment management to high net worth individuals.

We also have a commitment to embedding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors across each asset class. This helps us align our investment outcomes with positive outcomes for society and the environment.

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Standard Life is our brand for long-term savings in the UK. We use our expertise to help customers get good advice, and make better financial choices for their future.

Customers come to us through advisers, through their employers and directly to Standard Life. We gather insights that help us understand how to support their evolving needs – which is important as they face a growing responsibility for their financial well-being.

Our leading platforms – Wrap, Elevate and Parmenion – are used by financial advisers to provide financial planning and wealth management services to their clients. We also have a financial advice business, 1825, which has built a presence across the UK.

We license the Standard Life brand for products to support workplace pensions, personal pensions, savings, investments and retirement. These are sold through Standard Life Assurance Limited, which is now part of the Phoenix Group.

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Strategic Investments

We own investments in leading companies in the UK, India and China. They help to strengthen our insight into important markets, our balance sheet, and the financial returns we offer our shareholders.

The Phoenix Group

As part of the sale of our UK and European insurance business, we enhanced our strategic relationship with the Phoenix Group. Our partnership helps us to meet the savings, investments and financial needs of individuals and families throughout the UK.

Virgin Money

Our joint venture with Virgin Money gives us the potential to offer investment solutions to a further six million customers in the UK.

HDFC Life and HDFC Asset Management

In India, our stakes in joint venture businesses represent a foothold in one of the world’s fastest growing markets. We hold stakes in the life insurance business HDFC Life, and the asset management business HDFC Asset Management Company.

Heng An Standard Life

Our joint venture in China is Heng An Standard Life. This offers us access to one of the biggest global pools of financial assets, and an opportunity to play a significant role in the country’s growing pensions industry

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