Mental Health Awareness week: The power of okay

Mental health can seem like a sensitive or scary issue – something we keep to ourselves in fear of judgement or just misunderstanding. This can particularly be the case at work and around our colleagues. But asking the simple question ‘are you okay?’ could be all it takes to start an honest, positive conversation. It could help someone you know open up about their challenges with their mental health and even help them make positive steps forward.

With Mental Health Awareness Week running from 13-19 May, a number of our colleagues have shared their real-life stories to show the power of okay.

Kenny's story

Kenny tells us about how running with a colleague helped him with his anxiety and depression.

Iain's story

Iain’s powerful story explains how talking about his mental health issues with colleagues, friends and family helped him get better.

Alan's story

Alan shares his story about childhood PTSD and how a balanced lifestyle has played a significant part in his recovery.

Graeme's story

Graeme talks about his experience of working with younger people and their approach to mental health issues.

Stephen's story

Stephen explains the role of our Employee Forum and some of the support that’s available at Standard Life Aberdeen.

At Standard Life Aberdeen, we want to develop an inclusive culture where people feel comfortable to talk about their mental health and wellbeing; and help each other access the support that is available.

Our mental health network, Mind Matters, helps colleagues connect with each other and we work with a number of organisations such as See Me and the Mental Health Foundation to make sure that our people have access to a variety of outlets.