Article 50: Notification of UK withdrawal from the EU

The UK Government has triggered the process under which the UK will leave the EU. The impending political negotiations will be complex. As a consequence it may be some time before the terms of the UK’s withdrawal and its future relationship with the EU become clear.  

Standard Life has a strong track record of successfully adapting to changing markets and regulation. As a business we already operate successfully throughout the world as well as across borders in the EU.

We will follow the negotiations closely and, whatever the outcome, remain focused on providing continuity of service to our clients and customers. Over recent months we have been working on contingency plans which are designed to help us to do this.

We will review our contingency plans as the negotiations progress. Standard Life is an apolitical company, but where necessary we will contribute to the process to ensure the interests of all our stakeholders are represented.

We have more information on our UK customer site on what the EU referendum result could mean for your investments.