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Credit ratings

Standard Life Aberdeen plc

  • Issuer Credit Rating A- / Stable from Standard & Poor’s
  • Issuer Rating A3 / Stable from Moody’s.

For more information, visit the Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s websites.

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Residential mortgage loans

From 1 January 2010, all Standard Life Bank mortgage balances are held within the Barclays Group.

Subordinated capital instruments

Subordinated capital instruments

We benefit from a strong capital position, and our subordinated debt is an important component of this. Our capital management strategy is to maximise shareholder value by optimising the level and mix of capital resources.

Issuance of subordinated capital instruments is a common capital-raising practice. Standard Life Aberdeen plc and its subsidiaries have in issue the instruments shown below:


Instrument rating

Outstanding amount

Issue Date

First Call Date



Standard Life Aberdeen plc

Baa1/ BBB


December 2012

December 2022

December 2042


Standard Life Aberdeen plc Baa1/ BBB+ $750m October 2017 Not applicable June 2028 4.25%  

As the instruments are subordinated, the rights and claims of our policyholders will come before those of the institutions investing in them.

Subordinated instruments documentation


Launch Date


Historical Prospectus

Standard Life Aberdeen plc December 2012 £92m*

Drawdown Prospectus (409KB)

Final Terms – (86KB)

Standard Life Aberdeen plc October 2017 $750m $750m Notes, Terms and Conditions (438kb)

*In March 2019 Standard Life Aberdeen plc conducted a tender offer and repurchased £408m of the £500m originally issued.