Standard Life Aberdeen plc ( “Standard Life Aberdeen”, “we” or “us”) is committed to safeguarding any personal data shared with us. We take privacy seriously and we will only ever collect and use personal data where it is necessary, fair and lawful to do so, i.e. if we are able to satisfy one of the lawful processing conditions set out in the data protection laws applicable to our business and the countries in which we operate.

Our Privacy Policies include important information which clearly explain;

  • what personal data we collect and use;
  • why we collect and use personal data;
  • who we may share personal data with and why;
  • how we protect personal data; and
  • the rights of individuals who share their data with us and how they can exercise their rights.

When you visit our websites, you will be able to access the most up to date Privacy Policy for subsidiary companies within Standard Life Aberdeen (e.g. Aberdeen Standard Investments, Standard Life) by following the link found at the foot of their main website page.

Our Cookie Policy forms part of our Privacy Policy.  When you browse our websites we use cookies to store information about how you use these websites in order to improve the quality of service provided to you. To understand what type of cookies we use and how these work when you use our websites read the Cookie Policy.

We have provided links to third party websites and other websites of Standard Life Aberdeen group (Standard Life Aberdeen plc and its subsidiaries).  We want you to be aware that these websites may send their own cookies to users, or otherwise collect data or solicit personal information.  We assume no responsibility for the information gathering practices of websites you are able to access through our website, and we encourage you to review each website’s privacy policy before disclosing any personally identifiable information.

If you have any questions about how we collect and use personal data, please contact;

Aberdeen Standard Investments
FAO Data Protection Officer
1 George Street


Standard Life
FAO Data Protection Officer
20 Brandon Street