Corporate governance

The Board remains committed to high standards of corporate governance in directing the Group's affairs and in its accountability to shareholders. The Directors believe these are key to managing our business effectively and delivering shareholder value over the longer term.

Application of the UK Corporate Governance Code for year ended 31 December 2019

The Board considers that, throughout 2019, Standard Life Aberdeen plc complied with all relevant provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council in July 2018.


Board Diversity statement

The Board:

  • believes in equal opportunities and supports the principle that due regard should be had for the benefits of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, age and educational and professional background when undertaking a search for candidates, both executive and non-executive
  • recognises that diversity can bring insights and behaviours that may make a valuable contribution to its effectiveness
  • believes that it should have a blend of skills, experience, independence, knowledge, ethnicity and gender amongst its individual members that is appropriate to its needs
  • believes that it should be able to demonstrate with conviction that any new appointee can make a meaningful contribution to its deliberations is committed to maintaining its diverse composition
  • supports the Chief Executive's firm commitment to achieve and maintain a diverse workforce, both throughout the Group and within his Executive Team.
  • has a zero tolerance approach to unfair treatment or discrimination of any kind, both throughout the Group and in relation to clients, customers and individuals associated with the Group

Articles of Association and Board Charter

The regulations governing Standard Life Aberdeen plc's internal management - the rights of shareholders, the conduct of meetings and the appointment, removal and powers of the Directors - are set out in the Company's articles of association. Standard Life Aberdeen's group-wide governance framework is documented in the Standard Life Aberdeen plc Board Charter.

Articles of Association

SLA PLC Board Charter