Global inclusion

Our aim is to create a place for everyone and ensure we stay relevant in an increasingly diverse world.

Driven by the view that diversity is better for everyone; better for our clients and customers, our people and our business; our vision is to become a more inclusive workplace.

We’re proud of the progress we have made, but know there is more to do to make our company a truly inclusive one, we see that true inclusion can only come to life when we take action together, with our colleagues, our customers, our clients and our stakeholders.

Our vision for an inclusive future

Inclusion is everyone

It’s finding strength in our difference; in who we are, where we’re from and how we think.

Inclusion is progress

It’s ideas, innovation and agility; our platform for progress in a fast-moving world.

Inclusion is brave

It talks straight, asks difficult questions and is honest about where we are now.   We understand what more can be done to create a place where you can be you.

Our vision comes to life through our…


Inclusion is everyone

We actively seek out and value diversity of thought and experience which makes us a stronger team.


Inclusion is progress

We bring innovation and financial performance to our clients and customers through our diverse thinking.  We strive to partner with those who share our vision and support us to lead from the front.


Inclusion is brave

We constantly challenge ourselves and each other to create a place where everyone can be at their best.   We know this helps us achieve our collective potential.

What our people say about inclusion and diversity

Cindy Lewis
Cindy Lewis
Chief Financial Officer - Americas

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“Our ability to bring different perspectives to the table is how we can collectively steer the organization in different directions and challenge the status quo. Some of the most amazing ideas can come from conversations stemming from diversity of thought.”

Janine Flynn
Janine Flynn
Secretary, General Counsel’s Office

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"Inclusion is important for the business as it generates a welcoming environment for everyone. Knowing you are welcome at work without worrying about how people will treat you, makes for a happy workplace."

Stephen Fang
Head of Global Restructuring and Insolvency (IA) | Fixed Income

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“In addition to making financial business sense, an increasingly diverse workplace contributes to innovation, integration and retention. Our best ideas come about when our employees can be who they are.

As a company with a global footprint, we want our workplace and culture to be reflective of our clients and our regulators. Diversity and inclusion must therefore be core to our ethos.”

Vanessa Whitehead, Senior Compliance Manager
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Robert McKillop, Global Head of Product
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“Standard Life Aberdeen is committed to diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense. We lead with inclusion because people perform better when they can be themselves. Creating this inclusive environment is a team effort. It requires strong support from leaders, who also enable their people to take a lead. Inclusion is about everyone”
Keith Skeoch CEO
“We view diversity as a valuable business asset. We know that the best companies draw on the widest pool of talent. And diverse teams are fertile ground for new ideas. So it is important for us that the businesses in which we invest don't limit themselves in either the way they recruit, or how they develop their people. This applies to our own business too.”
Martin Gilbert Vice Chairman Standard Life Aberdeen