It starts with us

Our vision for a better future starts with asking more of ourselves. Every day we look for ways to go further for our clients and customers, to be a better and more inclusive employer, to strengthen our governance and to reduce our environmental impacts.

Code of Conduct

Our global code of conduct sets out the common standards of behaviour expected across our company which our partners, customers and clients can judge us against.  The focus of the code is on doing the right thing and putting our customers and clients at the heart of our business.  All of our people are required to read, agree and adhere to the principles of the code.

Read our Global Code of Conduct (PDF)

Human rights

We have a responsibility to protect, respect and uphold the human rights of those who may be impacted by our activities and use our influence to drive positive change. Our human rights policy sets out our approach to identifying and upholding the human rights of our people, our customers and clients, our community and those impacted by our suppliers, partners and the companies we invest in. We linked the issues to relevant SDGs so we can align the goals and our actions.

Read our Human Rights Policy (PDF)

Modern slavery

As a global investment company, we want to do all we can to help tackle human trafficking, forced labour, bonded labour and child slavery. We focus on our operations, supply chain and our investment process.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement 2018/2019 (PDF)

Our suppliers

Our relationship with our suppliers is based on fairness, transparency and integrity. We expect suppliers to uphold the environmental, social or governance (ESG) values we have and to manage their approach sustainably and for the long term. We also aim to create a positive and constructive relationship between us, our suppliers, and the local communities where we operate. We are committed to building a diverse supply base and our supplier management processes allow us to work with suppliers to help them to develop their own policies and processes to meet ESG responsibilities. To help foster this approach, we have a supplier code of conduct which explains our commitment to uphold these principles and sets our expectations to the companies that we work with.

Our tax responsibilities

We recognise the importance of the contribution we make to public finances through our payment of taxes. It’s important to us that our approach reflects the interests of our stakeholders in a balanced way. We have a tax policy, underpinned by our tax principles, which take account of our clients, shareholders, employees, tax authorities and the wider community. These principles guide our processes, behaviours and decisions.  We provide products to a diverse range of clients, from a variety of global locations – so our savings and investment products are set up to follow each location’s tax legislation.

Read more about our tax responsibilities