Together... we are tackling the environment crisis

2019 Highlights

In our operations
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, achieved in just one year
of the electricity we procure directly is renewable
We pledged to be carbon-neutral by the end of the year - now we are
In our investments
Of UK landlord procured electricity in the real estate Aberdeen Standard Investments manages is renewable
We pledged to be net zero in the real estate Aberdeen Standard Investments manages by 2050

We face interlinked environmental crises, from climate breakdown, extreme weather, and species loss to water scarcity and unsustainable food production. We take action in our operations, but our greatest impact and influence is through how we invest our customers’ and clients’ money.

Climate change

It starts with us

Our operations have a relatively small environmental impact, compared to other sectors, but we still minimise it where we can. Through our environmental management system, we focus on reducing our biggest impacts first. This means reducing business flights and the energy used in our buildings.

In our buildings we’ve already done a lot to reduce our impact but we want to do more. And while air travel is sometimes a necessity as a global company, we also need to take responsibility for the environmental impact of this travel and do what we can do to reduce it.

In 2018 we set a new baseline for our operational greenhouse gas emissions after a period of structural change. We also set new long-term targets.

We are supportive of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, encourage companies to report aligned to the guidance and published our own first report of our approach across our operations and investments.


Reduce Scope 1 emissions (from direct emissions) and Scope 2 emissions (from electricity and district heating) by 50% by 2030

We have already reduced these emissions by 39%

Procure 100% renewable electricity at the offices we operate globally by the end of 2020

By of the end of 2019 we’d achieved 99%

Reduce our energy (kWh) usage by 30% by 2030.

We have already achieved the reduction in 2019, so the target is being reviewed in 2020.

We will promote travel alternatives and low carbon options with our people, such as video conferencing, and domestic rail use over air travel.

Our greenhouse gas emissions from flights dropped by 42% in 2019

Offset our entire operational carbon footprint by end of 2020.

As of World Environment Day (5 June 2020) we are now carbon neutral

Investing with purpose

Our Climate change – our approach for investments document sets out the role we play in financing the transition to a low-carbon economy, and the adaptation to climate change impacts through our products and investment decisions.

> More on the Aberdeen Standard Investments site

Through the substantial real estate assets we manage, we have a significant opportunity to drive sustainability benefits for wider society. We have set out a number of climate-related targets:


All the landlord-procured electricity in the real estate Aberdeen Standard Investments manages in the UK will be 100% renewable electricity by 2020, and we will increase the amount of renewable electricity procured globally

We procure 100% renewable electricity in the UK

Achieve ‘net zero’ emissions in the real estate Aberdeen Standard Investments manages by 2050.

We are setting out our pathway to net zero during 2020.

Waste and consumption

It starts with us

Over-consumption of non-renewable resources and generation of waste adds to the environmental crisis.

In our operations, we have targets for removing single-use plastics and being a zero-waste to landfill business, and are focused on minimising our use of non-renewable resources. In the UK our procured cut-sheet paper is 100% sustainably sourced and we are taking this approach globally.


We will remove all single-use plastics from our offices where feasible by 2020

Read our 2019 update on progress.

We will send zero waste to landfill from our main UK offices by the end of 2020

We send no waste to landfill from the UK offices where we manage the waste, and are working with our landlords at our other large sites

Investing with purpose

We have a number of articles on waste and consumption issues for investors to consider.


It starts with us

We are also facing unprecedented species extinction rates. Not only are the species themselves at risk, so is everything connected to them, which includes us.

Operationally, we focus on educating our people through biodiversity information sessions, and working with charities and partners on projects which benefit nature and habitats.

Investing with purpose

Through our investments we aim to ensure that we are going beyond just minimising harm, by looking at benefits that will enhance the local environment and community – including enhancing biodiversity – through our real estate impact dial.