Supporting saving

We use our knowledge and experience to support people to manage their money and save for their future.

Our customers and clients range from trustees of pension funds who are looking to meet future liabilities with the best performance return possible, to young savers being enrolled for the first time in a workplace pension scheme or setting up an ISA.

Financial capability, guidance and advice

Individuals are having to take ever greater responsibility for often complex financial decisions but can lack both financial knowledge and confidence. This points to a need for more education, support and guidance. We have the expertise and the desire to help.

We are responding to the advice gap people are facing in a variety of ways. By building our advice business 1825, and supporting 3rd party IFAs through our platforms and associated services, we provide high quality face-to-face and telephony advice to customers. More broadly, we also provide proactive guidance and support.

To help increase financial capability, we’ve joined with 19 other savings and investment firms to back an initiative called KickStart Money. The project aims to deliver financial education to over 18,000 primary school children across the UK helping to create a national savings culture.

Inclusion and insight

We are always looking at ways to make saving easier and more inclusive. We use insight from our customers’ and clients’ to improve our services and products.

Auto-enrolment has made a huge difference to the savings landscape in the UK, requiring employers to automatically set up pensions for their employees, helping nudge people into the saving habit.

We recognise that our customers could be facing personal challenges or difficulties in their personal lives. To ensure we identify and provide the right support and guidance to them, we’ve put in place our vulnerable customers policy. The policy focuses on areas such as the design and promotion of our products and propositions, communications and interactions with our customers, and the capability of our people, to ensure we are always focusing on our customers’ best interests.

Transparency and suitability

To increase customer trust we need to ensure our products and services are suitable for customers and that our pricing is transparent, clear and fair.