Our environment

The environmental impact of our operations is relatively small compared to other sectors, but it’s important that we do what we can to reduce it. Our footprint is mostly comprised of the energy we use in our buildings and business flights so we focus our attention on these areas.

Our operational impact


In our buildings we’ve already done a lot to reduce our impact – we continually upgrade to more efficient lighting and use advanced building management systems.


As a growing international company, air travel is a necessary part of doing business. However, we also need to take responsibility for the environmental impact of this travel and do what we can do to reduce it. We have invested in video conferencing and remote technologies, and promote domestic rail use over air travel.

Waste and resources

We have made great progress towards being a zero waste business, while at the same time minimising our use of non-renewable resources. In the UK our procured cut sheet paper is 100% sustainably sourced and we are rolling this out globally. Our single-use plastics policy (PDF) sets ambitious targets for reducing waste.

Our investment approach

Our greatest impact and influence is through how we invest our customer and clients’ money, and you can read more about what we’re doing on this.

Aberdeen Standard Investments integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues throughout our investment process. We believe these issues are significant components of investment risk and can have a fundamental impact on the achievement of sustainable long term investment returns.

Alongside our regular company engagement we actively use our influence through voting at shareholder meetings of investee companies.

Real estate investments

With substantial real estate assets under management, we have a significant presence in the real estate market and a responsibility to drive sustainability benefits for wider society. To achieve this, we have a robust set of procedures that embed continual improvement in the management of our assets.

You can read about how we’re measuring and reducing the environmental impact of our global real estate investments in our latest reports –

Aberdeen Stewardship Property Report

Standard Life Investments Sustainable Real Estate Investment Report (PDF)

Environmental engagement activities

We engage our people to reduce their environmental impact both at work and at home, and lead by example where possible. We’re supported by a global network of environmental advocates who go above and beyond their day jobs to support our environmental aims and initiatives.

In March 2017, during our sustainable travel week, we took part in the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge and encouraged our people to log their commutes to win prizes.

We made improvements to our recycling process and raised awareness by holding recycling challenges for our people.

We made improvements to our recycling system and bin labels in our Edinburgh offices and raised awareness by holding recycling challenges to win KeepCups

Our Environment Champions took part in the Great British Beach Clean.

Our Environment Champions took part in the Great British Beach Clean run by the Marine Conservation Society at Cramond beach near Edinburgh.

Our Environment Champions organised a waste tour and blogged about the experience.

Our accreditations