Inclusive employment

We want to attract and retain talented people, provide inclusive and engaging employment and help our people to achieve their aspirations.

2017 has been a transformation as we have come together to form Standard Life Aberdeen. Our people are the heart of our company and this is a time of change for many as we integrate, explore new ways of working and forge our identity as a world class company. Because our people are facing potentially unsettling times, we have invested in programmes that specifically support change and help us to support and retain the talent we need for our long term success.


Our people drive our business, so it’s important that they feel well and able to give their best every day. We use insight and research to inform our wellbeing focus and activities to support them

Mental wellbeing

We want our employees to feel they can talk openly about mental health issues, knowing it is within a supportive workplace environment. We hold events to raise awareness, provide support and share stories during Time to Talk Day, Metal Health Awareness week and Children’s mental health week. We also provide mindfulness sessions, mental health first aiders and quiet rooms.

Physical wellbeing

We promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles in achieving both physical and mental wellbeing. We support our people in a number of ways including providing health checks and health talks on subjects like nutrition and sleep.

Financial wellbeing

As well as providing benefits that support our people to improve or maintain their physical and mental well-being – we also support them with financial well-being. Our financial wellness programme for our people in the UK helps them better understand their finances, from making the most of their pension, through to estate planning and saving for the future, including retirement.

Training and development

We know that attracting, developing and retaining talented people is essential for the long term success of our business. We compete in a global marketplace where talented people are in high demand.  We invest in mentoring, coaching and development programmes for our people as part of their ongoing career development and engagement.

We encourage our people to gain external experience and skills, and volunteer their time for example, by applying for a role on a plc board, as a charity trustee or on a local government body. We advertise opportunities and offer workshops for those that would like to take part, and provide paid leave for them to do so.

Inclusive employment for all

We believe in inclusive employment for all. Individuals and communities deserve to have the skills and opportunities to work, build careers and plan confident futures. As a global investment business, it's essential to our core purpose that communities and individuals are able to save and invest, creating a better future for them and a more sustainable business model for us.

We are an accredited UK Living Wage employer

This covers all our UK employees, interns, temporary employees and on-site contract staff. We are passionate about the positive difference it makes for our supply chain, colleagues and interns on our inclusive employment programmes. We promote the benefits of the Living Wage to our stakeholders working to raise awareness of the positive difference that paying at least the UK Living Wage makes.

Social mobility

In 2017 our focus on promoting and providing inclusive employment was recognised as were ranked in the first UK Social Mobility Employer Index 2017. We achieved this through becoming a Living Wage employer, championing diversity and supporting our people networks.