School leavers

Edinburgh Guarantee School Leaver Trainees

"Joining the working world at a young age has opened doors to so many opportunities that I intend to grab with both hands." Aimee Dodds, Training Coordinator and former Edinburgh Guarantee

Invest in your future

We invest for a better future. We do this for our customers and clients. We also believe it’s just as important to invest in our employees’ future too.

You will be placed on a development programme that will grow your knowledge of the world of work, the team you operate in and Financial Services.

Moving from school to the world of work is a unique experience. It is one we understand. It is one we support. We have award winning programmes that will see you obtain qualifications, work experience and the national Living Wage.

Read the story below to hear from a school leaver who has been in the same position as you.

Darren Headshot
Darren Main
Digital Consultant

What were you doing before joining Standard Life Aberdeen?

I was at high school and working part-time at Poundworld. So the opportunity to work here gave me a pretty crazy career jump!

Why did you choose to work here instead of, say, further education?

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left high school (all I knew was that I wanted to wear a suit!) and a close friend of mine told me about the Edinburgh Guarantee scheme. Through it, I successfully got a six-month paid internship at Standard Life Aberdeen working in their Marketing department.

What was the biggest challenge adapting to work after leaving school?

I was initially very nervous of starting work at a place where the majority of staff are over age 25. In school, I got used to being treated as a pupil by anyone older than me. But at Standard Life Aberdeen you quickly realise that everyone is treated as an equal. People take time to listen to your ideas, to encourage you and are keen to help you learn the ropes.

How has working here benefitted you personally?

Within the Marketing department I was able to flex my creative muscle in ways that I couldn’t have imagined for someone my age and experience. Within my first three months, I had successfully helped organise two internal launch events for a new Standard Life Savings product.

I have gained very valuable skills, including customer experience knowledge and coding & web design. I’ve also gained transferable skills like workload management too.

Getting paid the Living Wage has been a massive benefit to me as well, allowing me to buy and run my first car.

Lastly, being able to say “I’m a Digital Consultant” at age 18 also sounds pretty cool!

What are you most proud of since you started working at Standard Life

The creation and launch of the company’s new Intranet, “Stan”.

It took a lot of hard work and planning and we managed to launch it on time. The initial reception has been terrific, although we know there’s still plenty of work to be done to make it even better.

Our School Leaver programmes, paid at the current UK Living Wage, are designed for anyone aged 16 to 21 who has the desire to help us create a world-class investment company.

Life is good when we can be ourselves. It’s the energy that makes us a world class team. Will you join us on this journey?

If you believe you have the potential to help us achieve our ambitions and get your career started, look out for application details being published here.

“Being on the Living Wage has been a massive benefit to me also, allowing me to buy and run my first car for instance. Being able to say 'I'm a Digital Consultant' at age 18 also sounds pretty cool too!”
Darren Main Digital Consultant and former School Leaver
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