Our inclusive culture

An inclusive and uniting culture will be central to delivering our vision of being a world-class investment company and to achieve our purpose of investing for a better future: to make a difference to our clients, the lives of our customers, our people and our shareholders.

Standard Life Aberdeen is committed to diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense. We lead with inclusion because people perform better when they can be themselves. Creating this inclusive environment is a team effort.

It requires strong support from leaders, who also enable their people to take a lead. Inclusion is about everyone.

Keith Skeoch, CEO

We are passionate about our purpose to invest for a better future: to make a difference to our clients, the lives of our customers, our people and our shareholders. An inclusive and uniting culture will be central to delivering on this purpose and our vision of being a world-class investment company. It is also a priority for regulators, competitors and our customers and clients. The right culture will create a business that we can all feel proud to be part of. It will help us to work and innovate together to deliver our strategic objectives.

From day one, you’ll contribute to our ambitions of forming a world-class asset management company. You will be given real work with tangible outputs.

This takes cooperation and collaboration across all levels of our business. You’ll find your teammates and colleagues are there to help you settle in, to get your perspective on things, and to help push you towards achieving your personal goals too.

The culture at SLA is one of the main reasons why I returned as a graduate after undertaking an internship the previous summer. From my experience, during the working day I can be myself and my opinion is listened to and valued.

Although the work can be challenging, I have an excellent support system and I am yet to meet a colleague who is anything other than pleased to answer my questions, no matter how small.

Kate McGrath

Following our merger in 2017, it was clear that both Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life had a long-term commitment to building inclusive workplaces. As a global and diverse business, together we have more opportunity than ever before.

Driven by the view that diversity is better for us, better for our clients and customers and better for business, we’ve outlined our vision for how we will work together to achieve a more inclusive environment.

This vision will guide our efforts over the next three to five years. The aim is to create a place for everyone and ensure we stay relevant in an increasingly diverse world.

We’re proud of our progress at Standard Life Aberdeen, but we won’t shy away from the challenge ahead. Our industry isn’t as inclusive as it should be.

We can do better to represent the communities we serve and leading change will need all of us to do our bit. It means bringing new voices, backgrounds and experiences into our business; addressing the biases that can influence our decisions, and unleashing the power of diversity of thought and a workplace made for everyone.

The start of that journey begins with a request: to listen, to be courageous and to think big.

Because this can only come to life when we take action together – with each other, our partners, our customers, our clients and our stakeholders – in our industry and in our markets around the world. It’s simple: when we celebrate our differences, we’ll be a place where we can be ourselves

Read more about our approach in the inclusion and diversity section and our diversity strategy, 'Our vision for an inclusive future'

“We view diversity as a valuable business asset. We know that the best companies draw on the widest pool of talent. And diverse teams are fertile ground for new ideas. So it is important for us that the businesses in which we invest don't limit themselves in either the way they recruit, or how they develop their people. This applies to our own business too.”

Martin Gilbert, Vice Chairman,  Standard Life Aberdeen

“The culture evolves around its people. Without a solid foundation of people the company would not be able to uphold its investment performance track record. There is a willingness among all employees to help each other. As a graduate, it can be daunting to speak with or as a question to a senior member of a department, but I very quickly found that there is great enthusiasm to help across the board.”

Ollie Newman