Risk and Compliance

Our mission in risk and compliance team is to provide assurance, advice and challenge with a view to driving risk awareness and accountability in our global business.

So it requires people with strong analytical skills, and a passion for problem solving. An ability to build relationships and communicate effectively, whatever the situation. And a desire to collaborate, so you can make the most of your strengths.

“From the start of my program I was given responsibility, and pushed to gain experience in areas I wanted to improve in.”
Fraser Harle


Our intern programme will see you immersed in a specialist team within our function for ten weeks.  This allows you a unique insight into what we do, how we do it while also providing an opportunity to deliver a project that enables you develop professionally.

Applications for summer internships within Risk and Compliance are now closed.


During your four rotational placements, you’ll gain first-hand experience of both how the business operates and the different teams that make up the Risk & Compliance department. This could be in roles relating to both emerging and existing regulations, operational risks, risk reporting, risk analytics, financial risk and investment risk oversight to name just a few different R&C teams.

These placements will give you a great understanding of the big issues and challenges that our business faces, which you will further by undertaking one placement either outside the department or in a none-home city location such as Boston.

There’s great support along the way too, with placement managers providing on the job guidance, a R&C grad stream head focused on your personal development, and a R&C stream sponsor focused on your longer-term development who is a member of the leadership team all of which helps to ensure that there are no closed doors to your personal development during this key stage in your career.

You’ll have the chance to present to senior leaders, who’ll follow your progress closely. There’s support on offer to work towards a recognised industry qualification such as the Investment Management Certificate (IMC). And you’ll have a mentor based in your business area – as well as fellow graduates to connect with right across the company.

  • Duration: Two year programme
  • Structure: Four rotations lasting six months
  • Development: Option of support to work towards a recognised Risk qualification

Applications for graduate positions for Risk and Compliance are now closed.

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“The culture at SLA is one of the main reasons why I returned as a graduate after undertaking an internship the previous summer. From my experience, during the working day I can be myself and my opinion is listened to and valued. Although the work can be challenging, I have an excellent support system and I am yet to meet a colleague who is anything other than pleased to answer my questions, no matter how small.”
Kate McGrath