Global Marketing forms a team based in over 25 markets supporting a distribution network across 46 countries and promoting our two flagship brands in Aberdeen Standard Investments and Standard Life. Our objectives are to promote our global investment capabilities and our platforms and financial advice businesses

“The variety of experiences you get is probably the main benefit. Getting to work within a number of areas on different projects not only helps you quickly build your knowledge and skills – it's also invaluable for discovering what type of role you enjoy.”
Lorna Kinnoch

We look for people with a natural curiosity and enthusiasm, who can make it work in a commercial global marketing department. And there's the need to communicate and work well with different teams, audiences and stakeholders.

You'll be helping to improve our marketing experiences at all points - and working closely with our customers and clients while doing it.


Our intern programme will see you immersed in a specialist team within our function for ten weeks.  This allows you a unique insight into what we do, how we do it while also providing an opportunity to deliver a project that enables you develop professionally.

Applications for summer internships 2019 within Marketing are now closed.


During your rotational placements, you'll get the practical experience to set you up for an exciting career. If there's an area that really interests you, we'll help tailor your programme so you're playing to your strengths.

You'll be helping to improve our marketing experiences at all points - and working closely with our customers while doing it.

  • Duration: Two-year programme
  • Structure: Up to four rotational placements
  • Development: Tailored approach to placements

All graduate positions for this programme in 2019 have been filled. Follow our journey on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for early careers updates in 2019.

“Working in a variety of teams across the business has given me the opportunity to gain experience in different marketing disciplines and how to adapt messaging and approaches for different target audiences. This has been beneficial to the development of my skills, knowledge and experience, as well as built up my network of contacts across the business.”
Alice Adcock