We believe that high quality research and connected teams deliver positive outcomes for clients.

We believe we add value through our deliberate, active decision making at each stage of the investment process and that all styles of investment require active decision making at some level, whether that be incorporating fundamental discretionary or systematic quant approaches.

“The level of responsibility and exposure has been staggering. It is an incredibly stimulating environment to work, and I have enjoyed the plethora of opportunities that have already come my way.”
Eleanor Jamieson

This active approach is supported by close collaboration between different asset classes. As a result, investment professionals make better-informed decisions, leveraging the full spectrum of insight which is available. Our broad and deep investment capabilities allow us to offer roles across a variety of different areas such as:

  • Equities
  • Investment Governance & Oversight
  • Investment Innovation
  • Multi-Asset & Macro Investing
  • Private Markets
  • Quantitative Investing
  • Real Estate
  • Stewardship & ESG


Our intern programme will see you immersed in a specialist team within our function for ten weeks.  This allows you a unique insight into what we do, how we do it while also providing an opportunity to deliver a project that enables you develop professionally.

Applications for summer internships 2019 within Investments are now closed.


Our graduate programme isn’t easy, but who wants easy? You’ll be encouraged to push yourself forward and develop the skills and abilities that will serve you well beyond your placement programme. Every day, you’ll get the chance to put your talents to work, learn and grow, as you help us continue our exciting global journey to be a world-class investment company.

  • Duration: Two year programme
  • Structure: Four rotations lasting six months
  • Development: Support to work towards a recognised Investment qualification most commonly CFA

Applications for graduate positions for Investments starting in September 2019 are now closed.

These roles are Edinburgh-based only.

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“The culture is unlike any other firm I’ve experienced – everyone in the company is so down to earth and willing to help with any or problems you may have. There are always people socialising after work and having fun in the office too. It’s genuinely the best working culture I’ve ever experienced.”
Keval Dattani