We value co-operation and collaboration in everything we do. It drives ideas and an inclusive way of working at all levels of the business.

“At Standard Life Aberdeen we have quite a ‘cool, calm and collected’ culture. One where people think things through before they act, seek to understand the problems and ultimately aim to get it right first time. In addition to this, it’s quite a supportive and friendly culture where people are able to reach out and speak to other parts of the business relatively easily and where there’s a great deal of investment in people’s development and well-being.”
John Sutherland

From day one, you’ll be helping us realise our ambitions to be a world-class investment company. That takes cooperation and collaboration across all levels of our business. You’ll find your teammates and colleagues are there to help you settle in, to get your perspective on things, and to help push you towards achieving your personal goals too.

An inclusive culture gives our business the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience. This helps us to deepen our understanding of customers and perform to our full potential.

A significant part of our culture is the empowerment of our employees. A stand out example of this is our Young Persons Development Network (YPDN) which was founded in February 2015.

The network was set up by young people, for young people, as a support network for colleagues in the early stages of their careers and to offer equal access to opportunities and events regardless of your entry route or business area.

Our main objective is to make the most of the 'early careers' experience at Standard Life Aberdeen, by providing opportunities for members to develop, meet others, innovate, and give back to their local community. This group was created by young people for young people and have led by example in developing a cohesive, collaborative culture across our business.

YBDN Committee photo
“Standard Life Aberdeen’s reputation as a responsible business, focused on doing the right thing for their customers, employees and local communities was one of the major drivers in my decision to apply to the graduate programme. From day one you are treated like a valued employee and both encouraged and expected to step up to the mark in terms of contributing to your team. The culture is truly warm and welcoming, progressive and flexible.”
Meredith Adams